The Pen Note Writer is a dedication to the pen and journal writing I've done since I was seven years old, writing about my daily activities and daydreams. After journaling off and on through elementary and high school, I got back into the practice in college, consistently writing and doodling every day. Then I began to write with more details about my life. This included current events in the world, my emotions, dreams, ideas and travels. 

Within my travels, I've explored other interests and activities. Some of my favorite adventures have to taken me to places like Costa Rica and France, where I've strengthened my knowledge in yoga and holistic health. Around my site I've added the personality of my photography, a hobby which highlights some of my other international visits. I've also gotten into exploring the world underwater though scuba diving. All of these interests I've continued to document in my journal, providing a permanent perspective of what I've done. When I look back on these adventures, it wasn't just the memory: the people, food, nature and places. It was the way I wrote it that made these events so real. 

Words, the ways they are used and those we meet can make our identity come to life. This has the ability to influence other people, which is part of the services I offer through articles, blogs and web design and customer service

Website design has been my newest venture where I create a custom display of your unique online presence. Plus, I have the experience and ability to work with your clients/customers to ensure their needs are met, and they continue to enjoy supporting your business. To sum it up, it's creativity, authenticity and showing you as noticed and noteworthy in your industry. 

My work is a great asset to what you want to convey to the world, whether you're looking for creativity, practicality, inspiration or an invaluable relationship with the important people in your business. Contact me to discuss ways I can help you fulfill your mission. 

Brazil, March 2012,

who i am and why i write

Brazil, March 2012.

Valencia, Spain, October 2009.

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