Freelance writing and Websites by micah simon

‚ÄčThe Menu of What I Do:

  • Website Design - your website is made custom to you. We collaborate on design, colors, copywriting, themes and more. This is your chance for your audience to know you from everyone else. 
  • Email Marketing - it's a great way to keep in touch with your tribe, audience, clients or whoever benefits from your services. Here, I work with you to offer freebies, product launches and other call to action content. 
  • Articles - by writing a variety of styles, from news and feature stories to how-to's, I can help you stand out. Differentiate yourself with writing that supports your cause, people and identity
  • Blogging - covering engaging, fun and informative topics that make your website or business practical and unique for your readers. 
  • Ghostwriting - let me tell your exciting story or convey an important message, while you get the credit for it! Get acknowledged for great work without putting in all the work. 
  • Literary Essays - writing that pulls your readers into the experience of the story as if they are a part of the action. My essays utilize the human senses to make adventures come to life. 
  • Technical Writing - creating materials such as simulations and work instructions to improve business process procedures and employee learning on the job. 

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Appetizer plate from visit to southern France, August 2011. 

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